Roller Grill

Professional pizza oven PZ 430 D

 The professional pizza oven PZ 430 D is particularly innovative in its double regulation.
The professional pizza oven PZ 430 D is equipped with an innovative system of double regulation of the vault and the bottom of each chamber of this double pizza oven:
- A thermostat regulates the chamber and the infrared quartz in the upper part
- A power regulator for the bottom, that is to say the firestone and infrared quartz in the lower part.

  • Inside dimensions : 2x(430 x 430 x 110 mm)
  • Power :5 kW or 3 kW (with 2 cords)
  • Outside dimensions : 670 x 580 x 500 mm
  • Weight : 55 kg
  • volts : 380 V ou 230 V mono
  • steel

    Gas gyros Grill – 800-mm-high spit - 40 kg of meat

    The GR 80 G, a very flexible vertical gas grill with many possibilities of use!
    The vertical gas grill GR 80 G can cook or reheat a spit of 40-kg-kebab or gyros meat thanks to 4 infrared burners with safety thermocouples. The independent regulation of each gas burner enable you to vary the cooking from low position to large flame.

    For even cooking, the back and the heating sources of the grill gyros are adjustable according to the volume of the "carrot of meat" or spit of meat.
    This vertical gas grill is equipped with a-800-mm-high spit. This rotating spindle placed in front of the heating source of the gyros grill can support up to 40 kg of beef, lamb or poultry.

    A wide choice of accessories allows you to customize your gyros or kebab gas grill GR 80 G:
    - A set of 12 barbecue skewers (BG 4) to grill shashliks, meat skewers or fish.
    - A set of 4 specific spits (BG 1) to roast chickens.
    - The kebab knife to cut the meat easily and to calibrate the pieces of meat.
    - Stainless steel side reflectors to concentrate the heat on the spit of meat
    - Stainless steel protection to recover excess of meat juice and cut meat.
    - The meat shovel to make portions of gyros or kebab meat

  • Inside dimensions : 720 x 375 x 730 mm
  • Capacity : 40 KG
  • Outside dimensions : 580 x 660 x 1035 mm
  • Weight : 38 kg
  • Power : 14kw
  • Steel

    Porfessional electric waffle iron - GES 20/10

    The professional electric waffle iron GES 75 ensures perfect baking of the round waffle without turning over the machine
    The professional electric waffle iron GES 75 is equipped with two cast iron moulds, each with a round imprint of 185-mm-diameter. The round golden waffle is baked at 230 ° C in 2'30 minutes! It can be divided into 4 pieces. Each quarter of waffle can be served on the plate with ice cream and fruit.

    The cast-iron plates of this professional waffle iron are fixed. The power is sufficient under each plate, the waffle maker does not need to be turned over to finish the baking. Each round waffle is perfectly cooked without further handling of the equipment.

    This electric waffle maker is particularly intended for tea rooms and restaurants.

  • Power : 1.6 KW
  • Waffle size : Ø 185 mm, H : 26 mm
  • Outside dimensions : 305 x 440 x 230 mm
  • Weight : 22 kg
  • volts : 220 V
  • Grey

    Cast-iron contact grill – specific model for Sandwichs

    The cast-iron contact-grill PANINI is particularly recommended for continuous daily use.
    The cast-iron contact-grill PANINI is designed for intensive use with the cooking of 48 panini per hour! Its cast-iron plates have a high power of thermic inertia: after 15 minutes of preheating, the plates restore heat and can be used continuously on a daily basis.

    The professional contact-grill PANINI ensures homogeneous and varied cooking.
    The cast-iron plates of this professional contact-grill have a high conduction value enable. It enables homogeneous cooking thanks to the serpentine-shaped heating elements covering the whole cooking surface under each plate.

  • Coating : Fonte brute
  • Coating : Inox et bois
  • Power:2Kw
  • Outside dimensions : 430 x 385 x 220 mm
  • Weight :24 kg
  • volts : 360 x 240 mm
  • Baking surface : 230V
  • Grey

    Dish warmer - 10 plates

     The professional warmer DW 110 is used to keep warm some prepared dishes (paella, sauerkraut, casseroles, etc.) to be served on table. Thanks to their high content of special alloy, the plates of this dish warmer have an optimal capacity of accumulation and keep individually the heat of the dishes.
    This electric warmer is very easy to use. After 15 minutes of preheating, the prepared dish is placed on the hot alloy plate at the table of the guests. The hot temperature is ensured for 45 minutes.
    The dish warmer DW 110 is equipped with 10 heating plates with a usable area of ​​270 x 150 mm each.
    Features: 10 alloy plates, regulation thermostat, pilot light, thermo-protective handles

  • Power : 1.3 Kw
  • Outside dimensions :400 x 215 x 475 mm
  • Weight : 23 Kg
  • volts : 230 V
  • Grey

    Ventilated foodwarmer with double door

    This ventilated heating cabinet with double-door allows to heat up or to keep warm at right temperature (till 130 ° C) dishes prepared in Gastronorm GN trays or culinary preparations served on the plate. This true ventilated oven with insulated double-wall ensures a homogeneous heat in its enclosure. A reserve of water maintains the food soft to preserve all the flavors of dishes without drying. The ventilated heated cabinet HVC 120 GN can be used also to heat up empty plates just before serving. In this heated plate mode, the ventilated cupboard holds up to 120 plates Ø34 cm. The all stainless steel double door cabinet HVC 120 comes with 3 grids of 695 x 345 mm each and an enamelled tray. Gastronorm GN containers of any size can be placed directly on the grids. Features: stainless steel interior, thermostat 130 ° C, thermo-fan for perfect spread of the heat, double insulation of the walls and roof, doors with magnetic closure. Delivered with 3 grids, without GN tray. Enamelled tray. Adjustable shelves. 4 wheels with brake systems.

  • Inside dimensions : 720 x 375 x 730 mm
  • Power : 3 Kw
  • Outside dimensions : 800 x 460 x 925 mm
  • Weight : 49 Kg
  • volts : 230 V
  • Grey

    Wheeled stainless steel cart for bain-marie showcase BMV 3

    The wheeled stainless steel cart MS 4 combined with the bain-marie showcase BMV 4 offers an ideal concept for convenience-stores and snacks!
    This robust cabinet offers plenty of storage space thanks to an adjustable intermediate shelf.
    An opening allows the passage of cables, hidden and protected, along the interior wall of the furniture.
    A choice of different combinations for a perfect organization of work! This same piece of furniture initially meant for the BMV 3 bain-marie showcase is also designed for the BMV 2 bain-marie display with an additional stainless steel worktop. Features: all stainless steel furniture, adjustable stainless steel shelf, sliding doors with integrated handles, furniture mounted on 4 wheels with brake system.

  • Capacity : 3 GN 1/1
  • Coating : Inox
  • Outside dimensions : 1060 x 615 x 920 mm (1 BMV 3 à encastrer)
  • Weight : 38 kg
  • Grey

    Hot buffet bar with 2 open sides – 4/1 GN capacity

    The buffet bar SB 40 C is provided with 2 sides access and also a drop down shelf on each open side. This heated salad’bar has a capacity of 4/1GN containers for self-service use in restaurants, hotels, local communities and hospitality. It optimizes the presentation of your meals. This warm salad’bar is meant to keep warm (+ 20 / + 90 ° C) your hot starters, vegetables, meats, fish etc. thanks to the bain-marie system.
    The stainless steel tank of the hot freestanding buffet is fitted out with two heating elements to ensure an even heat and a perfect bain-marie cooking. The tank can be emptied thanks to the stainless steel draining device.
    This heated freestanding buffet can accept any type of GN trays and containers up to 150mm deep.
    Features: wooden buffet with mirror and underbody for the storage of plates. Posterns in brushed stainless steel, glass top and central shelf, aluminum profile on foldable shelf, removable shelf for standard 0.8 m doors, 4 double castors with 2 brakes. White-cold LED lighting. 2 heating elements. Bain-marie system with draining device. Direct access for easy maintenance. Supplied without tray. Available in light oak, mahogany, wenge or limed white wood. French wooden art.

  • Capacity : 4 GN 1/1
  • Coating : Inox et bois
  • Power:3Kw
  • Outside dimensions : 1420 x 950 x 1370 mm
  • Weight :83Kg
  • volts : 230V
  • Grey