Stainless steel exterior and door, fully insulated with 60 mm of polyurethane. Self-closing lockable door is hinged right as standard and includes a removable magnetic door gasket. The cart is supplied with twelve (12) sets of non-tilt pan slides.
Cart is factory preset to operate between -2ºC and +4ºC. High ambient (43ºC) bottom mounted refrigeration system utilizes R134a refrigerant, generating 1584 BTU (399 KCAL) per hour. A LED display monitors the inside temperature. Audio visual temperature alarms is included as standard, along with HACCP capability, and automatic defrost. Unit includes a full-perimeter bumper guard along with two (2) flush transport handles on each end of the cart. Cart is furnished with two heavy duty swivel casters and two heavy duty swivel casters with brake.

  • The Alto-Shaam Mobile Refrigerated Cart is not just a refrigerator on wheels, but a well designed and efficient system for storing and transferring refrigerated food products.
  • Condensate from the cooling coil is diverted to a condensate evaporator, therefore, it is unnecessary to have an alternate means of water disposal.
  • Waste heat from the condensing unit efficiently evaporates (or vaporizes) condensate water from the evaporator and saves energy and eliminates potential service problems.
  • Full perimeter bumper, flush transport handles, heavy duty casters along with the cart’s reduced height provide easy mobility.
  • A helicoil power cable keeps the power cord is out of the way during transportation.
  • Stainless steel surfaces resists corrosion.
  • Easy to clean interior and base.
  • Full access front gives the operator 1300 mm of clear, unobstructed storage.
  • All mechanical equipment is easily accessible for ease in servicing
  • Volumetric pump
  • Stainless steel

    Alto-Shaam 1200-UP Mobile Holding Cabinet

    Alto-Shaam double compartment 1200-UP hot food holding cabinet is constructed with a stainless steel exterior and stainless steel doors with magnetic latch. Each compartment has a Simple Control with on/off power switch; up and down arrow buttons with a temperature range of 60°F to 200°F (16°C to 93°C); indicator light, and digital display. Each compartment is equipped with two (2) universal side rails and four (4) sets of chrome plated pan slides designed to accommodate standard full-size pans. Pan supports are adjustable in sixteen (16) positions on 1-3/4" (44mm) centers, and one (1) set of 5" (127mm) heavy duty casters – 2 rigid and 2 swivel with brake

  • Halo Heat…a controlled, uniform heat source that gently surrounds food for better appearance, taste, and longer holding life
  • Holds hot food hot...meat, poultry, fish, potatoes, casseroles, vegetables, rolls, etc.
  • Dual purpose — both a holding cabinet and dough proofer
  • Universal rack design accommodates standard full-size (gastronorm) pans or full-size sheet pans.
  • Can be converted with side racks to accommodate shelves for full size gastronorm pans or full size sheet pans.
  • Stainless steel interior resists corrosion.
  • Casters provide easy mobility.
  • Antimicrobial handle retards the growth of illness-causing pathogens
  • l Digital control senses temperature drops faster, providing quick heat recovery time.
  • Door venting holds crispy food better
  • Stainless steel


    Designed for durability and deliciousness, the 500-2D can fit any kitchen layout where food needs to be held and within arm's reach. Using Halo Heat® technology, prepared food is kept hot and fresh without the use of added water or harsh heating elements. Flexible configurations available. Build into cabinets or counters, or stack to maximize space.

  • Consistent, even heat
  • Unique thermal cabling
  • Waterless design. Reduce installation and operating costs
  • Place anywhere
  • Maintain precise temperatures.
  • Maintain food quality. Keep product at its perfect serving temperature and hold for hours without overcooking or drying out.
  • Sealed, static holding environment traps natural flavor and juices, reducing shrink, improving food quality and extending hold life.
  • Easy to operate. Adjustable, electronic thermostat with digital display monitors the inside temperature to ensure food is being held at safe and precise temperatures.
  • Easy to clean. Simply remove shelves and wipe clean.
  • Greater yields and less food waste with Halo Heat technology. Minimize food costs with less overcooking and shrinkage compared to conventional holding.
  • Expand menus. Reduce prep time and labor costs. Prepare food hours before serving, and hold it at the optimal temperature for the best quality and taste at time of service.
  • Vented drawers available for operations holiding cripier food items.
  • CAPACITY: 1 Full-Size Steam Table Pan (6")
  • DIMENSIONS H X W X D : 18 15/16” x 24 5/8” x 25 7/8” , (481mm x 624mm x 657mm)

  • 767-SK/III Soker Low Temp. Oven

    The 767-SK single compartment commercial smoker oven can make a big impact on your operation. Use hot or cold smoke to prepare anything from brisket to cheese. Simple, manual controls include cooking temperature control, cooking timer, holding temperature control and a smoking timer. Stackable design makes it easy to maximize kitchen space.

  • Our commercial smoker oven can smoke hot or cold to expand your menu. Hot smoke chicken, beef, pork and more. Cold smoke cheese, nuts, fish, vegetables and more
  • Reduce labor and operating costs. Lights out production. Reclaim 12-16 hours of nonproductive cooking time with overnight smoking, cooking and holding.
  • Easy to operate. Cook by time for consistent results with simple control. The commercial smoker oven automatically converts to hold mode once set time parameters have been reached.
  • Intuitive cooking with dials to set temperature control, cooking timer, holding temperature control and a smoking timer.
  • Connection to the waterworks
  • Complete control. Smoke timer offers a choice of mild, medium or heavy smoke flavor.
  • Waterless design. Reduce installation and operating costs – no plumbing, drains, filtration or associated maintenance.
  • Our commercial smoker oven gives you greater yields and less food waste with Halo Heat technology. Minimize food costs with 18% less protein shrinkage compared to conventional cooking. Serve more portions from the same cut of meat to increase your profit margin.
  • Group washing cycle
  • Made in the USA with a commitment to quality.
  • DIMENSIONS H X W X D : 848 x 676 x 802 mm
  • CAPACITY : 5 Full-Size Steam Table Pans (4"),9 Full-Size Steam Table Pans (2-1/2")