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 Since we invented the combi-steamer 35 years ago, we have been driven by the ambition to provide all the chefs in the world with the best tools for hot food preparation. In pursuing this aim, we have concentrated on developing solutions that combine efficiency and simplicity, support creativity, variety and guarantee consistent top quality.

Hot food preparation has lots to do with the art of creative and nutritional science and even more to do with the art of cooking. This is why we are not simply the company for chefs: with over 250 master chefs on our books, we are also the chefs' company. Ultimately we see ourselves primarily as innovative problem-solvers, rather than simply as machine-builders. We concentrate first on the benefits and on the satisfaction ofour customers and their guests. So we occupy ourselves every day with the important details associated with cooking, and thus how to prepare excellent quality food easily and with maximum efficiency. This is what has made us the technology and market leader. With the new SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency we are further extending this competitive edge. It reduces workload exactly the way kitchen team needs: it cooks quickly, it's easy to use, it delivers the food quality you specify, and it even saves you time, money and energy in the process. It takes all monitoring work off your hands. It applies all the necessary settings by itself and automatically monitors the cooking level and browning. With over 750,000 RATIONAL appliances on the market, our appliances have become a standard in professional kitchens all over the world. And what we're especially pleased about: 93 % of our global customers confirm that RATIONAL offers maximum customer benefit. (TNS Infratest 2016 study). Definitely one reason why almost all of them would also recommend

RATIONAL CombiMaster Plus

Cooking demands precision. From both the chef and his tools. The new CombiMaster® Plus is precise in every aspect - it provides sophisticated technology To support each chef's individual craftsmanship. It is rugged, easy to operate and offers enticing functions that ensure the highest possible food quality every time; crispy crusts, succulent roasts, intense aromas, attractive colours and retained vitamins and minerals. This is guaranteed by the precision controlled cooking cabinet climate and the accurate setting of temperature, air humidity, airflow and cooking time.

The primary performance features:

Limitless cooking variety

The CombiMaster® Plus replaces up to 50% of all conventional cooking appliances. You can grill, bake, roast, braise, steam, stew, poach and much, much more in it.

Unique cooking performace

The cooking performance of the Com bi Master® Plus allows up to 30% higher capacity utilisation compared to models without dynamic air circulation. Combined with the sophisticated cooking technology, this output guarantees consistently excellent food quality

Optimum cooking cabinet climate ClimaPlus®

Regulates the climate specific to the product in the cooking cabinet, ensuring crispy crusts, crunchy breading and juicy roasts.

Easy to use

The dial used to select the functions is simple, straightforward and has proven its worth in harsh kitchen environments. The automatic cleaning function ensures hygienic cleanliness, overnight too if required