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Main Features

Commercial microwave 10 touch pad control panel shall be See-through door and lighted interior for monitoring without programmable with the ability to program up to 20 menu items. Touch opening the door. pad shall include Braille for ADA compliance. Cooking timer shall be 60 minute countdown style for all power settings 25.5 Liters (0.9 cubic foot) capacity accommodates a 305 mm with a time entry option and an end of cycle audible signal. LED display (12") platter, prepackaged foods and single servings. shall be backlit. Oven shall have 5 power levels and 3 cooking stages. Microwave output shall be 1000 watts distributed by one magnetron with Easy to Maintain a bottom feed rotating stirrer to provide superior even heating throughout RMS510T - Stainless steel exterior wrap and painted interior for the cavity. Durable door shall have a tempered glass window and a grab easy cleaning. and go handle with a 900 + opening for easy access. An interior light shall RMS510TS - Stainless steel exterior wrap and oven interior for facilitate monitoring without opening the door. The 25.5 Liter (0.9 cubic ft.) increased durability. cavity shall accommodate a 305 mm (12") platter. Oven shall have a Sealed in ceramic shelf for easy cleaning. stainless steel exterior wrap and a white powder coat painted interior (RMS510T) or stainless steel interior (RMS510TS). Microwave oven shall Limited 3 year warranty. comply with standards set by the U.S Departmentof Health and Human TUV Listed. Services, TUV listed.

Certiied Oven for Commercial Applications

Tested to higher standards for a commercial rating - Model RMS510T/RMS510TS shown required by most commercial insurance polices and health inspectors. Low Volume Interlock safety switch is tested to 4 times the standard of This category of microwave is ideal for... residential ovens. Constructed to withstand the foodservice environment, - Convenience stores multiple users and variable ambient temperatures. - Dessert stations Compared to a residential oven, this oven is more powerful - Nurses stations for faster heating and better quality results. - Teachers/Staf lounge Engineered for a simple, "self-service" operation.