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Koro- a touch of class

To truly enjoy a fresh cup of coffee, we find it helps if you close your eyes, inhale, take in the aroma and then take pleasure in the taste of a great cup of coffee. It all forms part of the ritual of drinking coffee. In everyday life, at work or during free time, we always find the right moment to indulge in this great little pleasure. The Koro dispenser comes from the technology and experience of Necta. With soft clean lines, the Koro offers typically elegant classic Italian design, aesthetically pleasing the machine provides excellent value for money yet benefits from being technically superior. Koro is extraordinarily compact and reliable, due to the use of the highest quality components, normally used in dispensers that support much heavier workloads. Thanks to its characteristics, Koro is ideal for environments such as offices, meeting rooms, stores, professional studios, small cafés and restaurants, and can be managed in a variety ways.

Korinto - all you could wish for

Compact, easy to use and extraordinarily versatile, the Korinto has it all. A result of more than forty years of experience at Necta, the Korinto is a super -automatic hot be dispenser with highest quality components and sturdy materials that allow it to support heavy workloads. The refined design and particularly user friendly interface make the Korinto ideal for any environment, such as hotels, B&B, club houses, restaurants, etc. Special versions have been developed for bars and coffee shops, due to its ability to dispense two cups of coffee at the same time. Part of a long tradition of top of the range food and beverages solutions for N& W, Korinto possesses advanced technology that ensures exceptional performance, excellent drink quality and ease of operation.